Glue Solutions - GLink

The Cash Degredation Solution, GLink, is one step closer to eradicating bank note theft. The GLink unit is a small electronic device built into the ATM cash cassette which, upon activation, sprays the bank notes with a combined glue & ink solution which is immediately bonds to the notes, fusing them together as a solid stained block.

Attempts to peel off the notes or remove the hardened fluids permanently destroys the currency. The deployment method in how the fluids are sprayed across the notes leaving one side stained & the other side glued ensures only half of the block of notes is fused. This is what makes GLink unique in the industry. This ensures the contents, although totally useless to the criminal, can be repatriated via the Central Bank on recovery.


The GLink unit is a small device built into the lid of the ATM cash cassettes.

The lid has a small canister of glue and a strip of ink in an activation unit. Once released, the fluids are  sprayed along the top of the bank notes, dispensed through a purpose built fluid channel. GLink is designed to expel the bonding agents quickly and targeting one edge of the notes. The incredibly effective fluid mix is immediately bonded to the notes, fusing them together as a solid block.


Importantly, half of the notes are free from the ink and adhesive, due to one side being covered in ink & the other side glue. This is for repatriation of the worthless notes. The GLink is designed to cover 100% of the top of the notes with a 15-25% saturation front and back. This is inline with our Scorpion and SDLT ink dye devices.

Optional (at extra cost) Add-ons

• DNA Markers
• Alarm Interface
• Machine Power down


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