Disinfecting Services

We have listened to our customers and the advice of the Government. We have made the appropriate changes to enable our teams to respond to all of our clients' changing requirements surrounding the disinfection of their facilities and equipment. Our cold fogging service disinfects all touch points and areas where traditional sprays would miss.

Cennox has experienced teams available across the UK to provide deep cleaning and sanitising services. Our mission is to keep businesses operational and virus free by providing a cold fogging disinfection service to help minimise germs and viruses from surviving.


Cold fogging is an extremely quick and effective cleaning method. As the fog is able to cover all surfaces, including tops, undersides of counters and along hard to reach sides, it gives much wider coverage compared to a traditional spray.

The fogger is an electric ULV cold fogger sprayer, which is small and convenient to use and manoeuvre around small spaces. The application process is used to treat large areas to control airborne transmitting viruses.


Our teams will ensure the site is prepared and made ready for fogging with little, to no disruption to your staff or working practices. As the preliminary work typically involves the covering of fans, alarms and similar devices, your staff can typically continue their routines as normal. This is designed as a non-disruptive element of our visit.

Once the actual process of fogging starts, staff will be invited to leave the effected area. This will only be for a short amount of time due to the effectiveness and speed of the fogging process. Staff can return to the area and resume their duties almost immediately after we leave the space.

Today is more important than ever to reassure your customers that your business is clean and safe to use as increased virus concerns rise.

Our service teams can reach the sites required to provide a clean and sanitised environment for your customers.

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