Cennox Multi-Vendor Managed Services

As part of our Software solution portfolio, we offer Multi-Vendor products that can be implemented with both modern and legacy self-service solutions that enable clients to remotely achieve enhanced visibility over their estate, Advanced Asset Management and Complete Software Control. These solutions are designed and delivered using Agile processes to enable our customers to reduce costs and be more responsive to business requirements in this fast-changing world we live in.

With additional value add solutions for Central Deposit Management, Digital Marketing and Customer Personalisation, our solutions are integrated to enhance a financial institutions ability to serve their customers.  Cennox are redefining the self-service and payments industry, working in partnership with ‘best in class’ software & services providers to deliver modern and flexible solutions aligned to the latest business and IT drivers of our customers.

Core to this offering is the Cennox software and services ‘blue-print’ for a fully managed “ATM as a Service” based on Cloud Native platforms and partnerships with ‘best in class’ suppliers:

These solutions work alongside, and are integrated, into the complete Cennox portfolio to offer the complete solution for a fully managed service – Device software applications, Security solutions, Estate Monitoring & Management, Help Desk solutions, IMAC, FLM, SLM, etc.

The Cennox Managed Services ‘blue-print’ is also adaptable in that a customer may choose to incorporate their existing solutions into the Cennox managed service or evolve into a completely managed service from Cennox, achieving this over a time period that fits both a customer’s technical solution and commercial models.

This will result in a ‘future-proofed’ platform that is extendable and flexible enough to respond quickly to new business challenges and requirements. For example, the ability to support integration of the ‘digital channel’ into the ‘physical channel’.

Fully managed ATM as a service

On-premise delivery and services

Multi-Vendor Platform

Unlike software designed by OEMs, primarily for their own hardware, Cennox provide software designed specifically as a multi-vendor hardware solution.

Flexible, modular, and easy to develop, deploy & support, our self-service solutions are targeted to solve specific customer issues. Its attractive licensing models; subscription or perpetual, are always industry compliant (EMV, PCI, etc), with all manufacturers ATMs in an XFS compliant environment.

Many customers manage an estate which consists of a varied mix of manufacturer types and models. Cennox has adopted software to reduce the complexity and provide a single self-service application for integration and ongoing change management.

The wealth of functions and modular approach to future change allows customers to take control of their estate and better interact with their machines in a more proactive way.



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