Retail Sign Solutions

The retail store has pushed the envelope of signage techniques, style and application. Blending evolving styles and focusing on customer experience, Cennox works with a wide variety of retail customers to manage their numerous signage projects. From the smallest of directional sign or Health & Safety notifications - to the prominent external and internal feature graphics and custom built retail stands.

Not off the peg - but straight off the drawing board

The retail signage projects Cennox undertakes are typically custom and designed around a specific store or change of direction from the customer. Our in-house signage division frequently takes and reshapes the designs provided by our customer and manufacture these into one-off custom signage products. Where attention to detail or embedding cutting edge technologies are required, Cennox always delivers the best quality of product.

Manufactured In-house

Our signage teams undertake the bulk of the manufacturing, print and build of our customer's projects. Many of our skilled tradesmen are industry veterans, well known across industries for the projects they have worked on and impact their products have made on our customer's retail footprint. Their wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of signage manufacturing is a constant resource for the growing team of signmakers who join our ranks.

In-house design teams for additional creativity

Often working in partnership with our customers, our in-house design team, all familiar with the processes of sign manufacturing, can support our customers to create their projects. Often, our additional input can help realize the full potential of your project.

Our ability to deliver on even the most challenging of project is what gives our customers their confidence in Cennox. From the traditional retail sign to the more extreme, Cennox make it happen.



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