Retail Kiosks & Checkout Solutions

Our facilities manage the storage and distribution of newly procured hardware for our customers. With additional associated parts stocked and readily available, Cennox is the first choice for many organizations seeking a strategic partner in multi-vendor hardware purchases.

We are Cennox. We Innovate, Maintain, Secure.

Cennox is at the forefront leading the way in developing solutions to help customers with all their kiosk needs. Our ability to provide the full scope of services and solutions make Cennox an attractive, best in-class and fully end-to-end provider.

Cennox focuses on developing innovative solutions to support our retail customer's growth strategies. Where opportunities exist to connect our customer's needs and options to evolve and improve efficiencies, Cennox works to our strengths by introducing our clients to choices through our multi-vendor approach to hardware development and service delivery.

Retail has always been a competitive industry. In recent times, it has become a rapidly changing landscape, where customer behavior is steering the evolution of self-service kiosk design, Cennox remains central for customers seeking a multi-vendor intelligent purchasing partner.

With our years of experience in the ATM industry we have the abilities and know-how to make any kiosk project successful. We are a nationwide service delivery partner for many leading organizations and benefit from having a physical presence and in-house teams in every continental state, including Alaska, touching over 80,000 self-service machines.

From installation and logistics to ongoing maintenance and full refurbishments, we can help. Whether you're looking for a tailored one-off Kiosk project or a nationwide rollout we are your go-to, specialist partner.

  • Planning and Implementation
  • Installation / Deployment
  • Technical Field Services
  • Security

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