Retail Cleaning Services

Providing a clean and safe environment for customers, Cennox maintains value added services while our trained and experienced technicians are frequently on site, they take the extra step to assess the area to determine your cleaning and maintenance needs. With years of experience, Cennox understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining equipment, which is used by the public daily creating the opportunity to reduce:

Cleaning on-site equipment improves the value of the equipment and the customer experience, while maintaining your brands image.

Cennox can tailor to your specific needs and requirements, while offering a range of options to clean, detail and maintain your equipment, including complete cleaning of all external surfaces of kiosks, registers, self-serv check-out counters, and equipment located in customer and employee areas.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services at a glance:

  • Detailed Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Preventive Care
  • Branding - Signage and Stickers
  • Repair and Improvement
  • Compliance and Standards
  • ADA Regulatory Compliance

Our cleaning procedures follow careful step-by-step guidelines that prove most effective for our technicians to deliver exceptional service time and time again. From careful photo documentation to customer notification and individually tailored requests, our system works.

Cleanings are only marked as complete after our Quality Review team has approved the work order. Each and every work order undergoes this assessment at its closing to ensure polished results.

We provide our service technicians with detailed cleaning guidelines that are accessible via their mobile device. These include:

  • Photography Instructions
  • Image Examples
  • Step-by-Step Cleaning Guides
  • Customer-Specific Decals for Precision

Our Web Portal is integral to our operations:

  • 24/7 access provided to customers
  • Easy-to-view work orders
  • Customized to customer- and project-specific needs

Technology plays an important role in all of our projects to ensure that the best results are reached through excellent service.

Cennox strives to ensure that you receive the most up to date information right from our field technicians and quality review team.

We will keep all of your information secure just as you would for your customers.


To discuss your requirements call: 888-749-6396