19.4.2021 • Technology Security News

Cennox obtains prestigious VdS Certification

Cennox has obtained the VdS Certificate for their Intelligent Banknote Staining (IBNS) solution Scorpion, which is integrated in five of the most common cash cassettes in the financial market (NCR S1, NCR S2, DN V4, DN V5, Hitachi). The VdS certificate is rarely obtained by security companies in our sector and proves that Cennox products are of the highest standards of quality.

This has been several years in the making and testament to the diligent determination of my team to deliver a portfolio of products worthy of such a prestigious recognition. I am proud of the efforts of all involved and know the receipt of these five certificates will we welcomed by our customers, not just in Europe, but worldwide. IBNS solutions remain the most effective and credible method of removing the prize from the crime, which makes this announcement even more significant.

Chetan Patil, Managing Director, Cennox Europe

VdS is one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious certificate institutions for corporate security and safety. For Cennox, obtaining the certificate is a milestone and an unprecedented achievement within the security sector. The top-class German certificate was received after a long procedure spanning two years.

The R&D department at Cennox worked extremely hard to fulfil VdS’s high demands. “Our IBNS ink staining solution had to stain every banknote by at least 50 percent”, says Steven De Weirdt, R&D Director at Cennox Europe. “In Europe, the common standard is a maximum of 20 percent staining of each banknote. We did the impossible and optimized our IBNS ink staining solution so that they stain every banknote by at least 50 percent. Additionally, the IBNS ink staining solution was also tested against environmental, mechanical and electrical standards, all resulting in a check in the box.”

Cennox continues to believe in IBNS as one of the ultimate cash security products. “Cennox is positioning itself as the leader in IBNS technology”, says Steven De Weirdt. “IBNS is the ideal security solution: cash becomes worthless to criminals and financial institutions can always recover the banknotes. Cash has never been in safer hands because of IBNS technology.”

More than ever, Cennox stands for quality. Obtaining the VdS certificate has officially confirmed this. “Security is too important to rely on non-certified products”, says Steffen Dietrich, Commercial Director at Cennox Germany. “As a company, we carry a great customer responsibility: to secure people’s lives, to secure assets, to secure products. With the VdS Certificate, we prove that customers can count on our products.”

The VdS certificate is valid for the next four years. Cennox is proud of this achievement and will continue to work to improve its products as much as possible.

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