9.7.2021 • News

Cennox launches the ‘next generation’ solution against cash trapping

Cennox proudly presents the next evolution Cash Shutter Guard, the new solution designed to prevent the introduction of fraudulent devices in to or on to the ATM’s cash exit area.

Cash trapping and distraction fraud are on the rise in the UK as they are simple low-tech solutions for fraudsters.

Cash trapping is carried out by fitting a “trap” in to or on to the ATM’s cash exit area so that the customers money is dispensed but not presented, the bank card is returned. The customer believing there is a problem with the machine walks away, only to call their bank later.

The criminals return to retrieve their prize, removing the “trap” and receiving the money which has been trapped behind the cash shutter.

To combat this type of crime, the Research and Development department of Cennox has updated the design of the original Cash Shutter Guard in a response to more sophisticated trapping devices being deployed. This is an innovative system that makes cash trapping almost impossible for criminals.

Cennox has developed three versions of the CSG:

  1. The Slimline CSG – Especially designed for the Diebold Opteva range
  2. The ACTS (Anti Cash Trap Studs) – Especially designed for the Wincor 2050 & 2150
  3. The CSG v2 – Especially designed for the NCR 6625 & 6634

With this innovative launch, Cennox counters the threats of cash trapping and provides greater security for banks and their customers.

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