A picture of Working at the beating heart of Cennox US
Oct 19, 2020

Working at the beating heart of Cennox US

It is interesting how particular rooms in the house are often seen as ‘the heart of the home’, be it the kitchen or TV room. These places resonate with the characters, the history and the spirit of those who live there. The same is often felt in the businesses who have nationwide offices and facilities; one is frequently seen as the base, the hub or the heart of that organization too.  

Of all our facilities which crisscross the US, our offices in Atlanta feels like the beating heart of Cennox. It isn’t our largest office; it doesn’t even have the most colleagues working here - but its numerous functions and varied services which come in and go out through its doors certainly makes it feel like the heartbeat of our organization.   

The hundreds of machines and parts which we supply each month, get shipped out in metronomic fashion to services companies nationwide. This constant ebb and flow of commerce keep the arteries of our business strong and feels as though the pulse of our customers is being fed comprehensively and efficiently. 

With colleagues spread across the breadth of the US, as well as internationally, our teams in Atlanta get to see the scope of their requests around new opportunities, they contribute to the upswing of projects and ultimately, they experience first-hand their reliance on our ability and drive to keep the wider business moving. 

It is a privilege to work alongside these colleagues and within an organization which has such an impact on our customers business. What does it mean to work at the beating heart of Cennox US? It means everything! 

- Birch Harrison, VP of Part Sales – Cennox US  

But, like all hearts, they need to be healthy and exercised. During these uncertain times, many companies across the USA have been made more vulnerable by the current pandemic and its ripple effect. Like many businesses, a change in our daily operations was required to ensure we could remain healthy and protect our customers and colleagues alike. From our facilities here, we pivoted our business, redeployed our resources and embarked on an energetic program to help keep projects moving. The success in mobilizing our efforts during these difficult times, proved how Cennox can thrive and quickly adapt. 

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