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Mar 18, 2020

Cennox.USA delivers digital

The world of visual advertising and communication is increasingly going digital. As these large format digital screens continue to evolve in picture quality, definition and installation complexity, Cennox remains a key partner to ensure these are installed and maintained correctly.

As commuters travel through the LA Metro, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and New Jersey Transit’s Secaucus Junction, they will see some of the screens Cennox have installed. In addition to organizing the logistics and management of these installations, our in-house teams also designed and manufactured the hanging and wall mounted frames which house the screens.

Cennox is an extremely diverse business – from the installation of critical banking equipment and security products to the installation of airport scanning equipment. Cennox is also a key go-to partner for the installation of digital advertising solutions. Our unique approach to these deliverables is our ability to not only install the end product but be instrumental in the design and manufacturing of the customized housing of these large format digital screens.

In addition to our in-house skill sets and experience of installing these at key transportation hubs, companies find Cennox an attractive partner because of our ability to roll out our customers’ solutions across the US.

Let Cennox help you with your next digital signage project!

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