Mi.Pass - Mobile Connectivity to Your Casino

Mi.Pass® securely connects a customer’s mobile phone with your physical services. With their casino or gaming provider’s own app on their phone, users of the service can quickly exchange tokens, tickets, and chips for cash without the need to enter a physical card or pin number.


Sensors located in the casino cashier detect the online banking app on the customer’s phone.   

Authenticated using the casinos own servers and protected by multi-layers of encrypted security, customers can engage with the cashier or ATM without entering their bank card or pin, Mi.Pass® is your customer’s Mobile ID Passport.


  • Mi.Pass® Sensors can be installed on legacy machines  - so no need to purchase expensive new ATMs.
  • Customers do not need to install any third party software, Mi.Pass® is part of the casinos or banks own app.
  • Incredible additional marketing and communication opportunities available.
  • This is just one part of the Mi.Pass®  capabilities portfolio. 

Mi.Pass® connects casinos to their customer through the inbuilt security features inherent in mobile phone design and apps. 


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