Insights: Thinking Positive.Communication

Thinking Positive.Communication

In this first edition we centre around Communication, and show how our colleagues across the Cennox group are experiencing the benefits from new and creative ways of talking with our colleagues and customers.

Is it just us, or are we all talking more? Better still, the tone of content is so much more encouraging and shares true sentiments of understanding. In recent days, we have noticed that across departments and territories, we have been talking to our customers more than ever. It feels collectively there is a real spirit of being #InThisTogether.

Our teams say they are seeing positive and caring attitudes as we all try and find our footing and common way of adapting to this new way of working. Face-to-face meetings, the traditional method of customer engagement have all but dried up - but this has made way for better structured and attended conference calls. We have enjoyed listening to our customers and working with them to adopt and roll-out a variety of new ways to talk and frame each meeting online. Yesterday's handshake has now become today’s wave as we connect through Skype, Zoom and other platforms. With more calls becoming video based, the sudden teleportation into each other’s private home spaces (sometimes with children making their welcomed grand entrances) is giving sunlight and a relaxing of the stuffy expectations around business communications.

Internally, our departments have shown the spirit of one of our core behaviours, that we make it happen, where collaboration and patience have prevailed at a time where urgency and panic could take hold. Our clear and measured approach to the situation has helped us keep a calm and business-like attitude. Teams have introduced non-structured communications into their working day to help prevent their colleagues building a sense of isolation.... or for those with busy family lives - a brief sense of escape from the chaos. These open Skype sessions where teams simply get on with their work whilst able to talk freely with colleagues is reconnecting teams now separated from each other.

For the marketing people, we are seeing the tone of voice and message intent is softening. Online and email communications are usually the staple method to promote our products and services with passion and promise. Today, the need to share corporate information has become more measured, sensitive and thoughtful. A sense of respect is out pacing the ‘anything goes’ approach.

These are unprecedented times, and this is a collective journey where nobody can foresee where or when things will 'return to normal'. If we are honest, we hope some of the things we learn over the coming weeks around communicating with colleagues and customers will remain as the new 'norm' - it already feels like a more efficient and better way of working. Good for the soul, Great for the communities we work in

In these difficult times, stay positive, be kind and keep in touch.

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