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22nd Jan 2021

We are now delivering change in Europe

Cennox is a business which thrives on delivering positive change for our customers. Our commitment to the needs of our clients has earned Cennox the trust of organisations across industries and countries worldwide.

In Europe, Cennox has been building a business model specifically designed to support our customers across various service channels. With the announcement of two acquisitions in 2020 of Cel Data Services in Belgium and StrongPoint’s Cash Security Business, the strategy for the business across Europe has stepped up a gear and enabled us to further our opportunities across the region. Already seen as the trusted go-to partner for many businesses, the portfolio expansions is now further enhanced with our ability to deliver Product Sales, Project Management, Product Installation & Maintenance, Security, Workplace Management and Signage Solutions. Our varied offering is supported by a multi-lingual Help Desk located in the heart of Europe, Brussels.

2021 is looking to be hugely exciting. Our company has a great story to share with businesses across Europe. Our fully end-to-end solutions portfolio now makes Cennox an industry leader yet still flexible enough to support our customers.

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10th Nov 2021

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