Workplace Management Solutions

From design to installation and repair, we take on the entire workplace management. Our workplace solutions allow a company to focus on its true core business. Cennox wants to create a symbiosis between the staff and the newest technology. With one ultimate goal: increasing the company's productivity

Strategic Solutions

We sit down with the customer and look at all the possibilities for the design of your workplace. Our in-house teams considers every detail, from the choice of hardware to the design of the workplace. By working independently of any brand, we can work as cost-efficiently as possible. 

Buying Solutions

Our experts listen to the customer's needs and with their experience, they look for the best offer. Independently of the brand, we choose the best IT equipment. As a multi-vendor company, we are a trusted partner for the largest brands, enabling us to offer a huge range of products. 

Set-up Solutions

Our services ensure a trouble-free roll-out of the installation of hardware and software at the workplace. With years of experience, we can manage a mass roll-out perfectly and deliver everything to a tight deadline. We use state-of-the-art IT equipment. We install for example video walls, displays, the latest hardware and software and kiosks. Everything is tailored to the customer's needs. Through our unprecedented portfolio, we offer the widest range of services and products. 

Support Solutions

Our field staff can provide on-site intervention, or companies can use our multilingual helpdesk, which is always available by phone and online. The problem can then be solved remotely. 

The Service Desk tracks the service and performance history on each piece of equipment we maintain. This information can be made available to the Bank or IADs through special management reports on their desktop, tablet or telephone. These reports contribute to the SLA reporting in the management packs and provide important feedback on equipment performance, our service activities, and your entire operations relating to products serviced.

Repair Solutions

In our logistics centre, located in Brussels, IT equipment can be repaired and returned with care. Cost-effective, efficient and time-saving for the customer. IT equipment can also be refurbished and given a second life. Our IT experts have knowledge of all devices, regardless of brand. 

Unbundling Solutions

Clients can also use our services for the disposal of IT devices and data. We take away the IT equipment and destroy the data where necessary. The devices then get a second life or are recycled. 


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