Workplace Management

Creating a state-of-the-art workplace with the latest hardware and software technology, monitored by the expertise of field services and a service desk. Cennox provides a complete and unrivalled end-to-end solution for setting up an impeccable IT Workplace Management. 

Partner for developing your business

Cennox is at your side during the start-up of a business or a complete transformation of a workplace. Cennox guarantees the purchase of the latest sophisticated hardware and software that will take your workplace to the next level. As a multi-vendor company, Cennox can provide the most cost-efficient and brand-independent service possible. Cennox's years of experience with mass roll-outs ensures accurate and meticulous installation of hardware and software on the workplace against a tight deadline. 

A wide experience with the installation of:

  • Desktops and associated components (keyboard, mouse, headphones, ....)
  • Latest sophisticated software
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • E-Walls
  • Kiosks
  • Pin Pads
  • Video Walls and Screens

End-to-end Workplace Management 

Cennox provides an end-to-end approach to workplace application and platform services built around tailored user profiles that helps you to improve end user productivity, boost business agility and address environmental objectives. Cennox provides installs, moves, adds and changes to the IT infrastructure, especially around desktops and printers, BYOD and tablets. Our in-house teams can also apply these services to servers and networks.

Field Services & Help Desk

The main purpose of your IT infrastructure is to minimize downtime and maintain business productivity. In the case of an incident, you can rely on the various Cennox services: 

  • Field Services: As a trusted partner, we can solve any IT problem within 8 working hours. The Cennox Field Services come on-site and provide their intervention - from repair to swap of IT equipment. Our Field Engineers are also responsible for the sustainable maintenance of IT devices and proactively spot problems. Cennox prevents incidents, low performance and unavaibility of IT devices. 
  • On-site Help Desk: With a permanent presence in the workplace, the help desk is an easy point of contact for any employee. In the case of application, software or hardware problems, immediate action can be taken to find a lasting solution. 
  • Remote support: Our multilingual help desk is ready to assist anyone by phone or online. Ideal for supporting home workers with their IT problems. 

Partner for homeworking

With the increasing percentage of homeworking, there is also support needed for their IT questions. We can deliver necessary hardware to the employee's home. Through our extensive logistics network, we can distribute thousands of IT components across the European continent every day. Our multilingual helpdesk is the perfect point of contact for every homeworker with IT problems.


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