Maintenance Solutions

Our customers who manage estates of various sizes, often host ATMs which consist of various makes, models, ages and condition. A common thread which connects all of our customers, regardless of the size of their portfolio, is the need to ensure the uptime of these machines remains high - this is critical to running a successful and profitable ATM network.  

To deliver an ongoing year-round Maintenance Service requires an organisation with a multi-skilled approach to ATM Maintenance, something Cennox now leads the industry in delivering, namely: 

  1. Skilled field technicians, trained on multiple machine types
  2. Nationwide infrastructure to support our teams with the right machine parts in the correct locations and access to a robust replenishment process
  3. A professional Service Desk tasked with overseeing the day to day running of the Maintenance Teams
  4. Trained engineers able to offer our customers with FLM (First Line Maintenance) Support
  5. A monitored & reporting culture which constantly reviews and improves on the services being delivered

The Cennox Approach

As a multi-vendor ATM service company, we have built our operating model tailored around the Financial industry. Cennox is acutely aware of the operational requirements and challenges our customers face. Building our business around the various touchpoints of these specific needs, has helped propel Cennox as an industry leader and ATM service delivery pioneer.

Our customers tell us that our multi-skilled, nationwide and in-house field team, is benefiting their operational costs and efficiency.


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