Local Help Desk Service

Our Service Desks are located in Belgium (Brussels) because of our belief that an onshore Service Desk, with staff familiar with the geographies and customers, performs to a higher standard than off shore Service Desks. 

The Service Desk is set up in a modular fashion, ready for expansion and rapid roll-outs. Whether you choose to on-board more ATMs under pure maintenance contracts, or require us to scale up to full outsourcing of your ATM estate, we can accommodate your needs.

The desk follows industry standard Service Management processes. Use of automation is key to transparently recover as many machines as possible via remote commands initiated by pre-defined business rules, triggered by alerts from the devices. Our aim is to recover the machine and get it back into service for your customers as soon as possible. We dispatch an engineer out to the machine as a last resort. This saves both of us maintenance costs.

The Service Desk is the hub of our operation. We will take ownership of tickets from first contact, through to resolution, restoring the normal Service Operation as soon as reasonably possible after the occurrence of a call, with minimum interruption or disruption to your customers.

Within the Service Desk area, we have installed machines to allow ‘hands-on’ agents to instruct our customers who perform their own ‘First Line Maintenance’. This supports the agents to easily talk to site personnel through checks and menus as if they were actually with the user. These machines also allow us to provide the Service Desk staff with continuous training/familiarisation to maintain/improve First Line Maintenance levels.


Staff members are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer a wide variety of problems and questions. Our multi-skilled helpdesk staff can answer questions from all over Europe.


The Service Desk tracks the service and performance history on each piece of equipment we maintain. This information can be made available to the Bank or IADs through special management reports on their desktop, tablet or telephone. These reports contribute to the SLA reporting in the management packs and provide important feedback on equipment performance, our service activities, and your entire operations relating to products serviced.


Making sure your equipment is up and running and stays that way is a critical factor in achieving overall customer satisfaction. It’s important that we monitor at every level, from Corporate to Technician. Within the UK we are consistently delivering our SLAs to our customers with high levels of hardware availability.


We set up the key performance indicators and will work to deliver them in a format that is agreeable. The setting up of the measurements, targets and thresholds for action will be carried out at contract implementation highlighting the level of accountability, benefits to both parties and key objectives to improved availability.


We monitor, track, report and set goals on our ‘fix it right’ criteria. Coupled with further analysis of call rate statistics, response times and equipment/system uptime data, we can determine the best course of action for overall repair and maintenance improvement. We remain focused on improvement processes, continually capturing performance data, reviewing and implementing action plans, measuring again to ensure the change has taken place.


To discuss your requirements call +32 (0)2 713 62 40 or email eu.sales@cennox.com