ATM Security

Cennox is aware of the concerns the financial community is facing as the threats are evolving quickly. Cennox is committed to provide end-to-end tailored solutions to prevent these attacks and keep our businesses clients safe. Our ATM security solutions are evoling as the numerous threats the financial community face.

Biggest ATM security solutions

Our Portfolio is one of the world's most complete ATM security packages.

Card Skimming Protection

Anti-Skimming protection, our solution provides proactive threat detection to counter fraud and customer data theft for both motorised & dip card readers. The device powers down the ATM the moment a threat is detected and back into service the moment the threat is removed. Perfesct solution against fascia tampering, ‘Lebanese Loops’, card traps and drilling devices.

Insert Skimming Protection

Immediate protection against deep insert skimmers. Quick and simple installation makes it a cost effective solution. Requires no power or connectivity to the ATM network and has multipledesigns to reflect the model type.

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ATM Audible Strobe Alarm

Customizable options as standard, this device is universal to any ATM. A visible and audible deterrent, at 100 decibels. The magnetic alarm on/off switch supporting engineered
alarm modules, including 10 second delay alarm activation/ deactivation.

ATM Enclosures & Rooms

The telescopic ATM Enclosure is manufactured from heavy duty steel offering a high level of attack resistance and can be offered in a standard, or LPCB SR3, LPCB SR4 or LPCB SR4/BS4 version. Designed for front or rear loading ATMs, the enclosure can be produced in a standard, or rated to LPCB SR3, SR4 or SR4/BS4 version in the open & closed position for both front and rear loading ATMs.

ATM Plinths

We provde three different plinth solutions designed to offer a physical security platform or any make and model of ATM. With optins around how each plinth is bolted to the ground, our robust steel designs make ram-raids and pull-outs near impossible for the criminas. 

ATM Tracking Solutions 

The device automatically initialises when the ATM is tilted or moved; at the same time, polic and dispach officers are alerted of the attack with satellite tracking to pinpoint the exact position of the ATM, the device is discrete and invisible and can be easily installed in all types of ATMs. 

Gas Detection Solutions

This solution detects when gas is pumped in to the ATM prior to explosion. Our device will neutralise the injected gas and avoid explosions that might bring damage to buildings, ATM housing and people. 

Ink Staining

Safe Ink Staining Technology delivers an incredible deployment of ink to stain the bank notes housed within the ATM cash casette. With multiple solution available, dependent on the type of machine or requirements of the customer, our ink portfolio is respected worldwide and is present at many thousands of sites globally. 

Glue & Ink Staining

The ultimate destructive partnership, glue and ink. When combined, the outcome is the near total destruction of the bank notes in the cash cassette.



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