Storage & Staging

Cennox offers our customers a comprehensive and secure storage solution designed to help customers streamline their costs and improve operational efficiencies on machine refurbishment and deployment.

Our storage facilities are located on the same site as our workshops, providing our engineers and staff with immediate access to these machines allowing them to be quickly assessed, refurbished, upgraded, staged or securely disposed of as required.

Cost Saving & Efficiency Increasing

Our storage solutions save our customers money and improve efficiency. Our competitive pricing structure not only makes good financial sense, but is managed by teams who are acutely aware of how best to move and manage this type of technical hardware.

Ideal Storage Locations

Stored in close proximity to our engineers allows for immediate commissioning, refurbishing or disposal. Cennox has numerous storage facilities spread nationwide allowing us to better deploy your machines when required. 

Expandable Solutions

Our storage locations are expandable, allowing us to increase capacity quickly. Our ability to ramp up our staorage facilities to cater for the changing needs of our clients allows for us to respond quickly when change is required.


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