Vandalism Response

Our vandalism response service provides a rapid and comprehensive solution to the problem of attacked and damaged ATMs.

Cennox operates a fast response service which can bring a machine back into service after the initial visit, as many can be repaired on site. This is achieved by our experienced engineers operating with vehicles carrying a full boot-kit for the target machine. Where necessary, we send two engineers to the site to ensure the fastest possible single visit fix.

Cennox carry a large inventory level of spare parts and are self-sufficient in most cases, making the inconvenience of a vandalised ATM a resolvable and low cost effective occurrence.

Fast Response

Key to any rapid response is the location of the teams in the field. Our engineers are spread across the United Kingdom, with numbers appropriate to the density of our customer's machines. This allocation of resource allows us to operate within the SLAs required by our clients.

Complete Project Management

Cennox will liaise with all parties, as well as the Police Forces, to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution. Depending on the level of criminality and damage created, Cennox can act quickly to faciliate all necessary 3rd party trades to site on the customer's behalf, this is crucial if the damage extends beyond the physical machine damage.

Machine Redeployment

If required, Cennox will work to replace the damaged machines as quickly as possible to avoid extended downtime. We store replacement machines at various facilities around the United Kingdom, our ability to get a replacement to site allows for downtime to be further reduced.





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