UVC Keypad Cleaner

The Coronavirus continues to be hugely challenging. Businesses face numerous operational issues around how to safely reopen their facilities and deliver a safe ‘new normal’ for customers and staff alike. 

The increased contactless limit has raised consumer confidence regarding potential viral contamination. However, most customers still need to interact with payment terminals as their spend exceeds the low ceiling. Cennox wanted to develop a portfolio of solutions which could deliver real change to a changing world.

Our dynamic patented solution is designed to effectively neutralize the virus present on keypads using UVC lighting beneath a flip lid. This ingenious solution attacks surface clinging viruses from POS terminals after each transactions.

When compared to current methods of anti-viral solutions tasked with protecting sensitive touch points, we believe the POS UVC Device to be more efficient, faster and environmentally more sensitive than traditional spray and wipe methods.


Does traditional ‘cleaning’ of the device between transactions with bleach prevent the spread? 

In short, possibly not. Even if your cashier sprays the POS terminal with bleach or alcohol based products before use, both of these solutions take many minutes to actually kill viruses. So for many customers, a spray of bleach, then immediate contact achieves only a placebo effect. This is why our UVC device ensures the keypad is bathed before each use.

What is the environmental impact?

Interestingly, most major retailers currently have large bins outside all stores to collected used towels and cloths following bleach spraying. As our UV device requires no wipes, liquids or towels, the positive impact on reducing landfill and plastics, is hugely improved.

Give your customers the very best support.

Social consciousness around the current pandemic is expected to last in to the near future and probably beyond. Demonstrating the above two points is an active demonstration that you are supporting them as they strive to stay safe, support the planet and provide an effective solution to the impact of the pandemic.

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