Light Projected Signs

Make a statement instead of make-do. Projected signs give a striking, high impact effect when compared with traditional floor or wall graphics, which fade and become less attractive over time.​

Advancements in LED light projection is inspiring a new surge of creativity and application.

No other light source can match the efficiency of an LED as it generates light without UV and infra-red radiation. It also guarantees durability of up to 35,000 operating hours (L 70) by low energy consumption and a compact style. You can quickly recoup the initial expenses.


Direct visitors easily and safely within your facilities: Inform or direct visitors to a room, an event, to gym facilities with dynamic directional system. Easy to use signage as it is versatile, easily changeable and very attractive. 

Endless uses:

•    Virtual Satefy Signs
•    Directional Signs
•    Information Signs
•    Feature Display


Draw attention and direct to a special event or an exhibition to the passer-by. Easy to use as it is versatile. Your message can be placed without on-site changes to the facade and the projection information can be changed easily and inexpensively. 

Exterior uses:

•    Walls
•    Facades
•    Floor/Pavement
•    External features 


•    Retail Shops
•    Shopping Centers
•    Hospitals
•    Museums
•    Airports
•    Parking Lots
•    Churches
•    Movie Theaters
•    Warehouses
•    Offices

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