Hygiene Screens

During these times of uncertainty, Cennox understands that even during a pandemic such as the Coronavirus, the livelihood of people still relies on the ability of essential businesses to remain in operation, and in some cases, open to the public. 

In response to the growing pandemic, Cennox has created a Hygiene Screen to minimize the contact between staff and customers which offers a temporary solution that can be installed easily, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Cennox can help your staff and customers stay protected while helping others during this critical time.

This low-cost solution can be customized to fit anywhere people come into contact and help shield staff and customers against airborne germs from coughs and sneezes.


Cennox’s Hygiene Screens are temporary, lightweight and see-through Perspex screens that can be quickly installed, creating a barrier where customers and staff need to come in close contact. 

These easy to install Hygiene Screens can be hung from the ceiling, free standing or modified to attach to countertops and other kiosk spaces.  


Our Hygiene Screens are customizable and versatile to fit a wide range of customer facing locations, with additional options for added protection, such as hand sanitizer dispensers. 

Add further protection to produce and products with our innovative and protective containers fixed on top of picking areas, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  
We also have the in-house capabilities to add custom branding, logos and key messaging which can help add a more positive impact and experience for frontline staff and your customers. 


At Cennox, we want to do our part to help businesses protect their customers and staff. Cennox provides this simple and effective solution at a minimal cost ensuring it is accessibility during this extremely difficult time.

With a diverse range of products and services, Cennox has the capability and know-how to supply, deliver and install our Hygiene Screen Solutions ensuring minimal disruption.

Customers and staff want to feel safe while providing essential goods and services and carrying out their day-to-day duties. Our Hygiene Screen will help add the reassurance that they are safe and protected.

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