Parts Management

Cennox is a strategic partner for many companies looking for a nationwide organization to manage the supply of key parts for their in-field hardware. With operational facilities spread across the United States, our teams maintain a wide range of parts management to ensure the availability is there and the parts are tested and working.

Cennox carries an inventory of parts specifically for the needs of our customers and the hardware they have deployed in the field. Our stock management, boot-stock for our engineers and turnaround of required parts, is a crucial service for our customers.

With many customers looking to streamline their cost base, improve efficiencies but not reduce the uptime of their in-field equipment, Cennox is frequently approached to source and stock equivillent parts for their devices. This important option is freeing up our customer's reliance on OEM only parts as well as reducing their costs across their estate. Cennox undertakes a rigid quality control processes to ensure all parts are tested, working, and suitable for their intended destination.


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