Hardware Supply

Cennox has access to an extensive range of machines and their associated parts from major manufacturers and makes. Our approach to hardware management ensures availability of quality new and used parts to meet our customers’ needs.

Working with our customers around building a procurement model to support their roll-out program, Cennox understands the need to source the right solution which answers our customer's brief. As a multi-vendor supplier of equipment, Cennox always look to supply our customers with the right hardware solution without being reliant on just one OEM's portfolio.

With strategically placed distribution and storage facilities, we serve our global clients with a well-supported, well-stocked, and efficient source for all parts needs, from repair to brokerage.

Cennox is currently supplying and installing hardware for banks, casinos, airports, retail outlets, government and commercial sectors.


To discuss your requirements call: 888-749-6396