Within one of our ATM workshops, Cennox operate a secure area specifically for software loading and commissioning. With a security-controlled software handling process, we are able to provide a reliable and secure pre-commissioning service which dramatically reduces the time required on site. Once released, the machines will arrive on site tested and ready to accept all relevant downloads eliminating extensive delays in the intallation process.

With documented processes in place to monitor the constant flow of machines, site visits and ATM parts and consumables, we are able to provide a robust ATM Commissioning service from our specially modified premises.

Our skilled teams are trained on all of the major ATM models, with frequent manufacturer refresher courses conducted internally to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and changes within the industry.

Trusted experience

Our senior team all have experience running ATM Estates.

We know the global market

Cennox have specialists in 14 countries and experienced, highly-skilled engineers.

Cennox know ATM Management

Our wealth of experience and established network is the reason many financial institutions work with Cennox.