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16 octobre 2020

Who loses out the most when an ATM goes bang?

When we see the images of the destruction and collateral damage that occurs because of an ATM being destroyed by criminal activity, it is often too easy to miss the wider question of who actually loses out the most when this heinous crime happens?

An ATM can be replaced in only a matter of hours, and the large ATM owners will be compensated, but who are the victims who feel the crime most? Yes, the unlucky passer-by would lose out most, but this piece reflects on the impact of the wider community and those most likely to feel a real and lasting impact. These are the people who often don’t get a mention, thought or reflection when these headlines hit the news.

As most ATMs destroyed are in shops and convenience stores rather than banks, these locations are frequently hubs within communities, they are stores where multiple types of transactions occur.  When closed for repair over a period of time, naturally, the owner of the store and their staff lose their income and as low-income roles, the impact is felt more keenly. In addition, as many of these stores have accommodation above, some often have to move whilst structural repairs are made – the ripple effect on this move can affect families, school runs and even the family dynamic itself.

The temporary closure will also impact those who rely on it for their daily needs, consumers like the elderly will find it challenging to travel further afield and often at a cost. Other daily convenience purchases may get rolled into a weekly shop which will impact the store even more as the loss of trade rolls on. Even local businesses who may have relied on the various services will look elsewhere and again, add travel, time and costs to this activity.

The wider community too often starts to feel the effects of the crime through intangible ways. Confidence to venture out is impacted, the fear of more criminality, concern that costs to their daily lives may rise as a result through car parking / bus tickets / etc, having to adjust their time to undertake simple tasks – these are all felt as a result.

The glass and the damage can quicky be swept away and a site boarded up, but often the impact rings in the air longer to those who rely on these locations. Cennox works alongside businesses and law enforcement to continue the development of comprehensive security solutions that inform the criminal, deter them from continuing and ultimately prevent these attacks. From physical solutions to deter those using heavy plant equipment destroying the buildings to gain access, to intelligent devices which detect and prevent explosive attacks, our teams feel the impact these crimes cause and are proud to see the positive impact these solutions are having on protected communities around the world.

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