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9 octobre 2020

Who are the real winners when security tracking devices succeed?

Tracking devices are turning the tide against illegal criminal activity. Able to take any shape or form and camouflaged within their surroundings, these chameleon-like devices sit in plain sight yet remain undetected, giving law enforcement the tools they need to direct and pinpoint fleeing and unsuspecting felons and recover stolen goods.

It is easy to assume law enforcement are the sole beneficiaries when criminals are successfully tracked and apprehended, after all, they lead the charge on the front lines. But who are the real winners when tracking devices succeed?

When tracking devices succeed, the real winners are not just the police. When you scratch the surface, you will see it is the wider community who gain the most. Many of the criminals successfully caught and convicted are from organised gangs. These gangs often engage in other illegal activities, from drugs, firearms, racketeering and even people smuggling. These heinous channels cause huge distress and damage to communities and families alike. Removing some or just part of their operation deals a real blow to their activities. In addition, the businesses are reunited with their stolen items allowing them to continue their business without loss of earnings, which, in time lead to higher prices.

If only the criminals knew, every time they steal a product with our devices embedded in them, thousands of miles above their head a satellite is triggered and an all seeing eye starts stalking and tracking them in real time, leading police straight to their doorsteps. Tracking solutions do not just empower law enforcement, it empowers the wider community.

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