Universal Security Plates

At Cennox, we specialize in proper ATM installations, whether it is a project roll-out or a single site installation. From standard through-the-wall machines to free-standing drive up kiosks and bunkers, our staff will not only install your ATM correctly, they will also stage the ATM and bring it into production. This specialization has led to the creation of products that meet our customers’ needs.

As our ATM services are highly tailored to customer and site needs, we provide our customers with a full spectrum of solutions. We have engineered a theft protection device for bunker ATMs based on customer demand.

Our patented Universal Security Plate is a system and method to secure a free-standing ATM. An attachment plate, having a plurality of sleeves that align with attachment points on all types of ATMs, is embedded in a concrete platform before the concrete is cured. The ATM is positioned on the surface of the attachment plate so that its attachment points align with a subset of sleeves. The ATM is then bolted into the sleeves.

When this installation is finished, it is nearly impossible to dislodge the ATM from the platform with typical mechanical equipment. Even trucks and tractors are entirely unsuccessful. The plate fully protects the ATM and your assets from threats that our customers have witnessed across the country.



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