Bullet-Resistant Barriers

Cennox offers a wide variety of products, whether it is wall armor, doors, package receivers, transaction windows, or ballistic products, in order to ensure your business, employees, and customers feel secure under the best level of protection.

Protecting the security of assets, employees, and customers is an important responsibility for any business. Although no workplace is completely safe, it is possible to deter a violent crime or attack and drastically reduce risk if managed correctly. Years of installing virtually all forms of bullet-resistant protections makes Cennox the expert team you need.

We provide the highest quality, well-designed security with special fabrication and beveling techniques to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your business. Only the finest materials are used, even when your turnaround time is short.


Benefits of bullet resistant barriers:

  • High Crime Deterrent
  • Reduction of Cash Loss
  • Reduction in Property Damage
  • Increased Employee & Customer Safety
  • Increased Employee Production
  • Increased Customer Loyalty & Appreciation
  • Fast Operations Recovery Time

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