ATM Security Barriers

Cennox provides and installs physical protection with the ATM Security Barrier to facilities throughout the United States. The Cennox Projects’ Engineering Team developed the ATM Security Barrier based on recent ATM physical attacks such as ram raids, hook and chain and smash-and-grabs, and can be installed on existing drive-thru ATM bollards at financial institutions. 

Protection against physical attacks

The ATM Security Barrier steel plating stops criminals from accessing the front and the side of the ATM where they are most vulnerable and allow the ATMs to be upgraded on site to customer specifications.       

The installation of the ATM Security Barrier will add immediate and robust protection against physical attacks.

Cennox includes our one-of-a-kind unique security lock enclosure to stop criminals from cutting through the ATM Security Barrier lock.  Innovations like these allow us to be at the forefront of providing our customers with the solutions required.


The commercial welded ATM Security Barrier components allow the ATMs to be upgraded on site to customer specifications.

Key features 

•   Adaptable installation on existing bollards
•   Upgrades and add-ons available
•   Robust steel construction
•   One-of-a-kind unique security lock enclosure
•   Commercially welded parts
•   Custom colors / branding available

Additional Options

•   Two lock options available
•   Additional option to add audible alarm configuration and strobe light

Reduce property damage and cash loss with the installation of the ATM Security Barrier.


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