ATM Plinths


Cennox proudly offers the Uniplinth™, a patented universal plinth available in configurations for all makes and models of ATM and deposit machine. The Uniplinth™ has been developed and refined to become the product of choice for major installation providers. The versatility of the  Uniplinth™  make it the “Go-To” in financial markets and ever-increasing in the retail and commercial applications. 

Made from robust stainless steel with an 8mm top plate, the Uniplinth™ provides a solid base for any ATM at any height from 25mm to 585mm, allowing full compliance with DDA requirements. 


  • Supplied with centre line and wall orientation etched into top plate for simple installation.
  •  Adjustable at four corners, to allow fine adjustment.
  • Top plate ready drilled and tapped with safe bolt holes.
  • Easy access to side and top for spanner and socket bolt tightening.
  • Supplied with cut-outs and power/data entry points in top plate to avoid cable entrapment.
  • Multiple ground fixing locations in base plate (only four fixings needed).
  • Optional cosmetic cladding kit available.



- Reduced Height Kit; 82mm – 260mm
- Reduced Height Plus Kit; 25mm – 260mm For heights below 82mm some screed removal
- Full Height Kit; 25mm – 585mm Drilling of four holes in concrete floor is required


  • All steel construction, 8mm steel top plate for maximum strength and durability.
  • Laser cut steel components for smooth, high quality superior finish.


  • Generally in stock, kit contains all components, fixings and instructions.
  • Packed on pallets, maximum five plinths high.
  • Plinths can be ordered “mixed and matched”  both by ATM and kit type.

To discuss your requirements call: 406-251-5041