The ASD-SENTINEL was developed for the protection of ATMs in partnership with our UK counterpart, Cennox. The ultimate form of protection for ATMs, this specially designed product provides immediate physical protection against the growing menace of razor skimmers. The ASD-SENTINEL, a Deep Insert Anti-Skimming Solution, is installed within the card reader to provide a continuous and cost-effective solution.

With the ability to be quickly installed in the field, the ASD-SENTINEL requires no changes to your ATM's hardware or integration into the software. The impact is immediate and the protection against razor skimmers being illegally installed on your ATM is assured.

What are razor skimmers?

A skimming device is an illegally developed item that is attached or inserted inside the ATM. The purpose of these devices is to record and then steal the data stored on a customer's card. A “traditional” skimming device is attached to the outside of the ATM, usually cleverly disguised as the front of the ATM's card reader and extremely difficult for anyone to identify.

Razor skimmers are different. These are usually extremely thin, almost the width of a human hair, and designed to be inserted deep within the card reader itself, making it even more difficult for Anti-Skimming Devices to detect their presence.

Developing the ASD-SENTINEL?

Cennox is at the forefront of the ATM Security market. Our products have been successfully eliminating card fraud and malicious attacks across many of the world's leading banks for years. With criminals working to develop and evolve their sophisticated methods of stealing from the ATM, the partnerships we have with many banks across the globe allow us to quickly respond to any new threat. The ASD-SENTINEL is the product of these partnerships and the sharing of knowledge, resulting in a cost effective and hugely efficient ATM Security device.

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Ordering & installation

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