ASD-iX - Skimming Protection

The NEW ASD-iX is at the cutting edge of ATM protection offering the latest in fraud prevention technologies; from card trapping through to card skimming.

The  ASD-iX  can  detect  fascia  tampering, ‘Lebanese  Loops’, card  traps and  drilling devices.  It has the ability to automatically place the ATM into ‘Supervisor Mode’ once the attack has been confirmed, releasing the machine back into service once the threat has been removed.

The ASD-iX can also notify the customer of the attack so that they may take whatever action they feel necessary before bringing the ATM back into service. It is designed to be upgradable in the field at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit, making it attractive when compared to similar devices.

Proactive threat detection

The NEW ASD-iX provides proactive threat detection to counter fraud and customer data theft for both motorized and dip card readers. The device continues to provide several layers of protection:

> Quad Coil Jamming Technology

> Overlay Proximity Detection

> Card Entrapment Sensors

> Fascia Penetration

NEW features of the ASD-iX include:

> LCD Display

> Remote Enhanced Fault Reporting

> USB Connectivity

> Remote Control of ASD Peripherals

> Remote Operation of Controller Relays

> RTC and Data/Event Storage Option


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