The Gryphon Locking System

Gas attacks on ATMs have arrived in the US, costing the US banking and cash machine industry a significant sum.

A majority of gas attacks have been ‘successful’ for the criminals and although some perpetrators have been convicted, police fear copycat gangs are increasingly putting lives at risk.

Thieves will not attack an ATM when they know it’s protected by the Gryphon Locking System

What is the Gryphon Locking System?

The Gryphon Locking System is by any measure one of the most effective deterrents to physical attacks on ATMs. It works by placing a strong and sophisticated physical barrier between the cash cassettes in an ATM and the robbers who have their eye on the prize.

What makes the Gryphon Locking System different from other systems?

The Gryphon Locking System is the only physical defence system designed to offer a powerful response to the full range of criminal attack methods deployed against the ATM estate. From armed robbery and duress against cash-in-transit replenishment teams, to brute force, burglary, ram raid and explosive gas.

How does it work?

The original philosophy behind the Gryphon Locking System was to limit losses by ensuring only one of the four cash drawers could ever be open at any one time, thus rendering attacks no longer ‘cost-effective’. It evolved through a close partnership whose CIT teams were increasingly targeted by armed gangs.

While the concept is relatively simple, its execution is based on high quality precision engineering and electronics. The electronic mechanism ensures that only one of the four interlocking protective steel doors that protect the four cash-dispenser drawers can be open at any one time, Once closed, no door can be reopened until a preset time has elapsed.


Just how effective is it?

Armed robbery and duress - It’s a full decade since the first system was developed to combat a growing threat to ATM replenishment teams. This had escalated to the point at which members of the public, as well as security and bank staff, were at increasing risk of injury. In the year after a customer fitted the Gryphon Locking System to the majority of its estate, seven-figure losses fell by 90 per cent and injuries to cash-in-transit and other staff by 83 per cent.


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