Black Box Protection

ATM owners are experiencing a growing threat, BLACK BOX Attacks. This bold activity has seen a sharp increase and is expected to accelerate. This type of attack involves criminals gaining access to the inside of the ATM by cutting small holes into the fascia. Once inside, the criminals disconnect the Cash Dispenser and join it to their ‘Black Box’. This electronic box sends commands to the ATM forcing it to start dispensing money without any need for a card to be inserted or for the ATM to source authorization.

This new threat is sending chills down the spines of many Banks & ATM owners. Criminals have, in effect, found the way to empty an ATM Machine and leave no trace behind.

The Cennox R&D Team were quick to respond to the alarm being raised by clients. From the moment we heard of this type of attack, Cennox embarked on pioneering a product to protect ATMs from this type of ‘Black Box’ activity. The Cennox Top Box product is our response.

The Top Box Solution

Cennox have developed a protective plating system that sits within the fascia panel. The solution provides two layers of protection:

Firstly, the plate helps to stop individuals from drilling through and accessing the inside of the ATM.

Secondly, Cennox deploy penetration detection mats. These detect the first sign of a potential breach. If the ATM is attacked in this way, the unit cuts the power supply to the dispenser, preventing notes from being dispensed.


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