ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Device

Cennox is proud to offer our ATM clients the ASD-8, a cutting-edge anti-skimming device. Our customers are offered this proprietary technology exclusively through the work our teams have been successful at delivering globally.

Currently in its second generation phase, the ASD-8 combats the increasing number of attacks on ATM units. It is the leader in ATM protection as it offers the very latest in ATM fraud prevention technologies, from card and cash trapping to skimming and spy camera detection.

This product delivers immediate results from the moment it is installed, and was designed to easily upgrade in the field at a low cost.

Using ground-breaking technology, the ASD-8 detects attacks from wireless devices, false card reader heads, fascia tampering, Lebanese loops, and drilling devices.

The ASD-8 can automatically place the ATM into ‘Supervisor Mode’ once the attack has been detected, and also can automatically bring the ATM back online once the threat has been removed.

The ASD-8 will also inform the customer that the ATM is under attack and allow them to take any necessary action. Your customers will feel confident that their details are protected when using any ATM equipped with our ASD-8 device.


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