Storage & Brokerage Program

Keeping equipment secure is at the heart of Cennox. Now we offer our clients two vital steps beyond that.

Cennox is able to offer our customers comprehensive and secure ATM storage, as well as a unique brokerage program that relies upon our global distribution network to provide customers with various solution options.

Our storage and brokerage solutions save our customers money and improve their efficiencies. Our storage facility locations are ideal for our clients as they are strategically located on the same site as our parts and operations centers, providing our engineers and staff with immediate access to machines.

At the same sites, our staff can refurbish old, unused ATM units and parts into reusable units and modules for resale to other businesses. No capital expenditures are needed on the behalf of our clients, and once the brokerage is complete, we share the net profits 50/50 at no risk to you and with no surprise fees.

A storage arrangement is the ideal solution for our customers. Not only do we protect your machines when not in the field,  if required, it gives our refurbishment teams the ability to quickly access and return your machines back into service.


Our Program Solutions cover the following categories:

  • Refurbished Equipment
  • Upgraded Machines
  • Staging Processes
  • Spacers
  • Secure Disposal (as needed)

To discuss your requirements call: 888-749-6396