Vault Servicing

Cennox performs preventative maintenance (external cleaning) and servicing on all types of vault doors, day gates, time locks, after hours depositories, cash lockers, currency counters and safe deposit boxes.

Our banking clients entrust Cennox with servicing their most sensitive environments. 

To maintain the protection and security of your facility, Cennox works with the primary contractor of your vault system to ensure regulations are being met, warranties are not being compromised and optimal performance metrics are being met. Each of our vault programs can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The benefits of keeping your vaults and related equipment clean and well-maintained are numerous. Our services will keep your vaults operating as efficiently as possible and prolong their life to give you a higher return on investment. Clean and well-maintained vaults communicate confidence to your customers as they project the assertion that customer assets are well protected under your care.

Vault Servicing at a glance:

  • Vault Doors
  • Day Gates
  • Coin & Cash Counters
  • Depositories
  • Safety Deposit Boxes

To discuss your requirements call: 888-749-6396