Compliance Services

Cennox understands the importance of keeping your ATMs and facilities compliant with ADA Federal Guidelines. We offer guidance, support and services to help you meet and maintain these requirements.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design: ATMs regulations have been in place since 2012 to provide the requirements needed to ensure your ATM and facility complies. Cennox has been providing customers with compliance services across the US utilizing our more than 300 directly employed Field Technicians.

Cennox offers ADA Compliancy Inspections and Services to ensure your services and facility are accessible to all patrons and potential clients.  The inspection will identify any areas of concern, which can be remedied before a fine is enforced by the Federal Government, or a lawsuit is filed by an individual.

ADA Federal Guidelines Include:

  1. Height and depth measurement for strategic points on the ATM
  2. Check area for obstructions
  3. Check for clear pathway to ATM at least 36 inches wide
  4. Measure clear floor ground space for government compliance
  5. Check voice guidance jack functionality
  6. Verify which type of approach ATM has
  7. Verify and install regulatory compliance braille decals

Receiving a compliancy inspection from Cennox provides cost benefits, as the services are relatively inexpensive, and they are conducted once a year. Taking advantage of these services could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and fines from the government if you were found out of compliance.

Cennox also offers Security Lighting Surveys, Landscape Surveys and Risk Assessment Audits. Our Field Services team perform services on a national scale with consistent, professional results and the flexibility to offer authentic end-to-end solutions.

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