Anti-Viral Cleaning Service

Cennox understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining customer facing equipment, not only to prolong the life of the equipment, but to provide customers with peace-of-mind. Today, more than ever with the global rising risk of the Coronavirus, it is important to provide a clean, safe and viral-free environment to your customers and Cennox can help with our Anti-Viral Cleaning and Sanitizing service.


Our trained and experienced technicians apply a ready-to-use, hospital grade disinfectant cleaner, on all external surfaces of the ATMs surrounds, facias, housings and drive-up kiosks. The effective disinfection and cleaning performance acts fast, and is a simple, non-rinsing formula, lasting for 48 hours.

  • A single step product solution to killing critical viruses and bacteria
  • Effective against 27 micro-organisms including MRSA, VRE
  • Surface protection: non-corrosive, non-bleaching formula disinfects hard surfaces without creating destructive micro-cracks that harbour pathogens
  • Environmentally responsible: no VOC’s or added fragrance.
  • Formulated with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology to deliver fast-acting, broad spectrum disinfection with enhanced cleaning power
  • Designed for healthcare, child care centers, first responders and hospitality

Our Anti-Viral Cleaning Service can be scheduled as a one-time clean or on a recurring basis to ensure your equipment is always clean and safe for your customers.

ATMs are touched by thousands of people every day, making them susceptible to many germs and bacteria.

Along with our ATM cleaning service and maintenance programs you can give your customers the added protection they've come to rely on. While our skilled technicians are on site, they take the extra step to assess the area to determine your cleaning and maintenance needs.

With years of experience, your customers expect the best. We help you deliver.


To discuss your requirements call: 888-749-6396