Facility Transformation

Our Projects Division is active across the United States supporting a wide scope of Facility Transformation projects. This includes complete construction and electrical work, CAD development and signage solutions. In-house, efficient, and cost effective.

We are Cennox. We Innovate, Maintain, Secure.

Cennox provides the highest level of quality construction services using a hands-on approach and experience unrivalled in the industry. Cennox utilizes our in-house team of skilled engineers and project managers, delivering a wide variety of first-class construction and refresh projects to financial institutions, retail, commercial, and government agencies. Cennox delivers thousands of CAD drawings and surveys to clients each year for projects in areas of facility transformations.

Cennox builds partnerships with their clients to provide the quality projects they demand at fair and competitive prices to keep projects within budget while maintain brand image and project deliverables.



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