Project Management

The Cennox Group is a dynamic and driven organization, built on the shoulders of devoted and skilled professionals. Field supervision and project management are key standards of our company and important to our customers.

Our organized work ethic enables the team to complete projects in a timely manner, following and meeting deadlines that otherwise may have been missed or delayed. Through our use of computer scheduling techniques, work remains sequential and prompt. Our use of the latest project management tools, with shared online access to project and reporting systems available, our customers are kept up to date and empowered along each stage of their construction.

Accounting and management work closely together to maintain current job records and to provide our project managers with updated cost reports to keep all of our jobs closely monitored. We work vigilantly to complete jobs on time and within original budgets. Our strengths in project management are a source of pride at Cennox and once you have completed the entire process with us to a successful conclusion, you will understand why.

When time frames are aggressive, we deliver.


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