Fascia Repair Kits

The field services team at Cennox is frequently called to a site to provide immediate repair or replacement of damaged or vandalized ATM machines.

With urgency being the key component of attending to a vandalized ATM, repairing the damage, restoring the branding to its original form, and returning the ATM to service, Cennox has taken the proactive step of developing fascia repair kits. These kits enable our team to act quickly and effectively.

Each kit includes a suite of parts to help the engineer restore the ATM as quickly as possible while also eliminating the need for a return visit. Thus the fascia repair kit makes a damaged ATM less stressful and less expensive for our customers.

We can maintain a number of repair kits for our customers, each with its own decals and surround branding in order to ensure that your brand is well-kept throughout the process and eliminating the need to ship materials once the damage has already been done.

Quickly replacing a damaged or vandalized ATM fascia, not only restores your ATM to service, it limits downtime, improves brand and gives confidence to your customers.


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