Branch Development

The majority of our team members at Cennox has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, ATM services, security management, and conversion services. The combination of these areas of expertise makes us the ideal team to manage larger branch projects for banks across the United States, regardless of their geographical presence or budgetary goals.

We are truly a turnkey vendor when it comes to branch projects with the ability to manage every piece of the ever-changing puzzle, often self-performing many installation aspects and equipment servicing steps to drastically reduce project costs and vendor management. Whether your company is undergoing a rebranding, merging and consolidating branches, or expanding your reach with a new branch, our team will break out every craft, obtain competitive pricing for services that are subcontracted, and assist with the build out or remodel.

From our staff in the field who can build the vaults, put in carpet and signage, and install security barriers, to our attentive project managers, the staff at Cennox is your best support team.

Our project managers are on-hand to meet with a customer bank’s operations and management team and look forward to working with you on these important projects.