Ein Bild von Maintenance: Prevention is the best cure.
8. Oktober 2020

Maintenance: Prevention is the best cure.

Masses of loyal customers accessing and interacting with facilities nationwide are the dream of any company and is a testament of its success. However, after weeks, months and even years of successful usage of equipment, one thing is certain, without proper maintenance, failure will occur. It is an inevitable part of life.

The failure of hardware and machinery tend to occur when companies least expect them and often at the most inconvenient times. This leads to unexpected costs for repairs, replacements of parts, or worse, the need to invest in new pieces of expensive devices. As the dominos begin to fall and the number of failing machines start to rise, reality hits and the costs can quickly skyrocket, leaving companies challenged to keep their equipment functioning efficiently. A strong preventative approach to maintenance will always deliver a better business model and drive cost efficient decisions every time.

Cennox encourage our maintenance programs to operate from a prevention first position. During each visit, our nationwide field technicians are trained to undertake a series of on-site checks and tests to ensure any potential issues are identified, logged and if required, addressed there and then. Our proactive preventative approach to our maintenance service is successfully ensuring our client’s devices remain operational longer and their uptime across their estate stay at their optimal level.

- Steven Garrod, Service Delivery Director

The logistics of maintaining hardware across a wide geography can be a complex and meticulous process, requiring skilled resources and the careful choreography of people to execute correctly. From the procurement and management of the parts or replacement hardware, to their transportation and the eventual installation across the country, it becomes quite evident why a comprehensive maintenance solution is a necessity. Our attention to the detail of prevention makes Cennox the trusted ‘go-to’ partner for organisations who rely on their sites remaining operational for the long term. Measured, monitored, and maintained.

Our field teams across the group focus on maximising the year-round uptime of our customers machines. Our maintenance solutions are structured around the clients’ SLAs, driving growth in their businesses today, keeping them profitable tomorrow and into the foreseeable future.

- Steven Garrod, Service Delivery Director

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