Consumer Attitudes to In-Store Retail During the Covid-19 Pandemic – Download the Cennox Report

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 and many countries went into lockdown, all but essential retail stores were forced to close their doors.
As these measures begin to lift, shoppers encountered a vastly different in-store environment, which has now become the ‘new normal’.
With safety now top of the agenda, we wanted to better understand consumer attitudes to the new retail experience, how safe they truly feel in store and how this affects loyalty to their favourite retailers.
To achieve this, we partnered with Vitreous World, an independent research house, to poll 2,000 consumers, with the results captured in this eBook.

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Contained within this report is:

  • Consumer awareness of in-store safety; where shoppers consider themselves most at risk and their understanding of current cleaning measures adopted by retailers
  • A focus on the checkout, among the areas of the store with the highest touchpoints and the misconceptions that exist
  • How loyalty to favorite retailers and supermarkets will be impacted by the safety measures they have in store to protect consumers

Most importantly, the report focuses on the ability for retailers to build competitive advantage through the safety measures they adopt.


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