Cennox Project & Security Solutions

Cennox Project and Security Solutions (CPSS) is a division of Cennox, Inc. offering specialized project management, security and construction services to major clients across the US. With a strong history leading projects for the nation's leading financial institutions, government agencies, airports and retail operations, CPSS provides unparalleled support through the latest technological advances, innovations, and pattented solutions. 

Across the United States, CPSS delivers turnkey and fully customized services. Both skilled and experienced, our staff are respected for their dedication and commitment to each and every project, including technical CAD drawings, surveys, planning, construction, branding services, and much more.

Universal Security Plate

The Universal Security Plate provides unparalleled security for ATMs.  CPSS offers this pattented solution to some of the nation's leading financial institutions.

Airport Division

The CPSS airport division has completed major airport security installations and projects at more than 600 airport locations.

Airport Security


The CyberVault™ service offers financial institutions an end-to-end safe deposit vault management solution. Cennox clients realize efficiencies through automated vault administration, tailored discrepancy reports, scenario comparison revenue analysis, and unparalleled support for mergers, acquisitions and branch consolidations.

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