Casino Maintenance Services

Electrical gaming machines are often times a primary part of every casino, serving as a point of contact with your customers. Maintaining your brand’s image is vital to that interaction. Our knowledge and hard work ensure your company’s image stays intact so that your brand communicates the message you intended. Your customers expect the best. We help you deliver.

Cennox offers a wide range of cleaning, detailing, and maintenance options, each tailored to machines and customized to your specific requirements. This service program includes the complete cleaning of all external surfaces of machines, surrounds, coin/ticket tray, slot lever, play buttons, displays, housings, and kiosks.

Our service technicians also perform emergency “break-fix” operations within rapid response times.

In addition to cleaning services, we ensure that your facilities have adequate and safe lighting. Faulty lighting fixtures often are the cause of dangerous and costly fires.

We have developed a unique safety inspection service to prevent these incidents. Our technicians are trained to identify faulty equipment and repair accordingly before any serious losses occur.

This service includes inspection of lighting tombstones, lights and ballasts, as well as cleaning the surround interiors in accordance with fire and safety standards.

Our casino service technicians are trained in a professional, consistent manner to ensure uniform results from location to location.


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