Casino Skimming Solutions

Organized criminals who target machines throughout casinos, including ATMs cost the industry billions of dollars every year. Many of these crimes go unnoticed in the moment because the ATM user mistakes the fraudulent transaction as a failed one and moves on to a different machine. It is the financial institution’s responsibility to refund that customer when the fraudulent transaction becomes apparent, whether that be through banking statement review or repetitive criminal activity.

Building on our decades of experience in the fire and security alarm industries, Cennox applied this insider knowledge to securing ATM safety. This is done in several ways. We start by monitoring and analyzing for new threats based on the style of attacks being reported. Our related services ensure there is safe lighting and that the ATM and its surrounding areas are compliant to regulations.

We believe in developing products and solutions that protect clients and their customers, while responding to the ever-changing threats concerning ATM machines. Our goal is to ensure that every machine within your company’s reach remains open for business and protected 24/7.

The in-house research and development team at our UK headquarters has created a market-leading ATM security device in partnership with several major banks. This mutually beneficial partnership allowed for testing on live sites across the worst hit areas. Immediate results were often realized with complete eradication of fraud. Needless to say, banks were quick to start rolling out this device across their network.


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